Ls Droid

It's No Longer Just For Android!

Ls Droid Features

  • Read & Write popular GM engine computers
  • Calibration segment swapping for the P01 & P59 computers
  • Compatible with  Android and Windows
  • Advanced PCM recovery methods

Ls Droid PCM'S Supported

  • Read & Write 1999 - 2002 P01 (4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0)
  • Read & Write 2003 - 2007 P59 (4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0)
  • Read & Write 2000 - 2006 P04 (3.1, 3.5, 3.8)
  • Read & Write 2001 - 2004.5 E54 (LB7 Duramax)(Windows Only)


Ls Droid Downloads

Ls Droid Legacy - Android

NOTE: Ls Droid Legacy is no longer being updated and is
not compatible with Android 11 or newer on most devices.

NOTE: There are no longer any Scantools being made that are compatible with Ls Droid Legacy that can be purchased new.


Ls Droid Legacy - Kindle Fire & Other devices

If you are wanting to installing Ls Droid Legacy on a Kindle Fire tablet or any other device that does NOT have the Play Store you can download a copy of the APK from the link below.



Ls Droid For Windows

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7 32 & 64 bit
  • Windows 8 32 & 64 bit
  • Windows 10* 32 & 64 bit
  • Windows 11* 64 bit
Supported Connection Method
PC Requirements

Ls Droid is compatible with most Intel & AMD Processors

Ls Droid for Windows is not compatible with Chrome books or Windows PC's that are using an Arm x64 or x86 processor.

Using Ls Droid in a Virtual machine or on a PC with a clock speed of less then 1ghz is not recommended and may experience issue.

*NOTE: Ls Droid for Windows is NOT compatible with any             version of Windows in "S Mode".


Scantools Supported By Ls Droid

Ls Droid Legacy - Android

Recommended Scantool
OBDX Pro Tools Supported By Ls Droid Legacy
  • OBDX Pro GT - Supports Read Only
OBDLink Tools Supported By Ls Droid Legacy
  • OBDLink LX - Supports Read & Write **
  • OBDLink MX - Supports Read & Write **
  • OBDLink MX+ - Supports Read & Write **
  • OBDLink Devices only support 1x speeds & are VERY Slow

**NOTE: Due to a change in OBDLinks firmware, only devices that were built PRIOR May of 2021 and that have NOT been updated beyond firmware version 5.6.15 are compatible. If your device has been updated to a firmware version newer then this, it is no longer compatible.

Ls Droid For Windows

Recommended Scantool
OBDX Pro Tools Supported By Ls Droid For Windows
  • OBDX Pro GT - Supports Read & Write 
  • OBDX Pro VX - Supports Read & Write
  • OBDX Pro VT- Supports Read & Write
Only Scantools made by OBDX Pro are compatible with this version of Ls Droid.




Ls Droid Is 100% Free

You can read & write any ECU that Ls Droid supports for FREE with no strings attached.


Cross Platform Support

Ls Droid is supported on most Windows 7 and newer PC's as well as being supported on Phones and Tablets running Android 6 through 10.

PCM Cloning

Ls Droid was the first program capable of fully duplicating(cloning) the GM P01 & P59 PCM.


Recommended Tuning Tools

(Requires the use of a PC)


Tuner Pro is a universal tuning program that allows it to be used with virtually any ECU file by allowing the use of user created definition files.

NOTE: When using Tuner Pro you MUST use an XDF Definition file that is compatible with the Operating System number your PCM is using. If you attempt to alter your bin file using an incompatible XDF file, YOU WILL corrupt the bin file and may cause damage your PCM.

If you can not find an XDF file for the Operating System on your PCM, you will not be able to tune that PCM using Tuner Pro unless you switch to an Operating System that does have XDF support.

If you have questions/issues installing or using Tuner Pro you can contact them directly using their forums.

If you do not under stand how to use Tuner Pro you can find a number of videos on it's use on YouTube, you can also search Facebook for the term "Tuner Pro" to find dedicated groups that offer help with Tuner Pro.

Tuner Pro is a DIY program and does not hold your hand in the same way commercial tuning software does. You WILL need to spend time searching for information and you will need to under stand what you are doing.

If you are new to tuning, you should plan to spend a considerable amount of time researching what you are wanting to do and understand that this can be a very time consuming task to even begin to understand.

Ls Droid is in no way related to or affiliate with Tuner Pro.





XDF File Downloads

You MUST follow the instructions in the READ_ME.txt file that is included with this download in order for most of these XDF files to work properly. Failing to follow the instructions will either cause corruption of the file you are editing or you will be unable to save the file you are editing.


The following files are included in the XDF bundle

P01 XDF Files
  • Operating System 12202088
  • Operating System 12208322
  • Operating System 12209203
  • Operating System 12216125
  • Operating System 12221588
  • Operating System 12225074
  • Operating System 12593358
  • Operating System 12212156
  • Operating System 12212156(Advanced)
P59 XDF Files
  • Operating System 12587603(Advanced)
  • Operating_System_12592618(Advanced)
Checksum Plugins
  • P01 PCM OS Checksum(512kb PCM)
  • P59 PCM OS Checksum(1mb PCM)
Misc Files
  • READ_ME (Checksum plug-in instructions)
  • Ls PCM Type Instructions for Tuner pro
  • Advanced_XDF_READ_ME
Ls Droid has not created any of the XDF files being offered here and there are a number of places where you may find XDF files. This is merely a collection of files that have been well tested and are considered to be "Safe" when used with the Operating System number specified in the files name.
If you attempt to use an XDF with an Operating System that does NOT match the file you are working with, you will corrupt the file and may cause serious damage to your PCM.