Mobile PCM Flashing

Take it with you everywhere you go.

Driven To Perform

Ls Droid doesn't just work.... it was designed for exceptional performance in a mobile environment where anything can happen.

Sharing Is Easy

No licensing and No Restrictions
Now anyone can read and write their own tunes for free.

PCM Cloning

The first flash tool for GM computers capable of cloning a pcm so it's 100% identical to the original computer.

Tuning Breakthrough

A demonstration using Tuner Pro on a Kindle Fire HD Tablet

The Evolution

Ls Droid has evolved over time - not just how it works but also with how it looks


Flash Kernels Written


App's Tested


Days Since Creation


Cost Of App

Recent Videos

Check out some of the the recent videos of Ls Droid in progress.
Forget what you think you know about pcm flashing...

April 7th 2019

March 3rd 2019

February 2nd 2019